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one year wed and my heart is content.

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i have lived my life intensely and i love my husband intensely, but to be able to say my heart is content is a big deal. there were points in my life when i wasn’t sure i really believed in marriage and yet my life has revolved around the wedding industry for 10 years. over the years, as i built my business, i’ve been able to work with amazing couples who have wonderful chemistry and a certain care that you only see between people who love each other unconditionally. as cheesy as it may sound, being around this kind of love and capturing it for all to see helped me believe in the idea of marriage and raise my standard for what love should look like. my couples may not realize this, but it is very true. they’ve all had an impact on my own views on marriage and love- a side effect of my job i never saw coming. my couples also know that i’m no bullshit and so when i say over and over again how lucky i am to work with such amazing people, it’s no lie, but i realize, i’ve never let on that a part of that has been the inspiration they have been to me.

when i met my husband, i just knew that i would be with him forever. i knew it was not possible for what i felt for him to exist without him feeling the same exact way. a love that came so naturally, it was never doubted by either of us. i feel so grateful to have found this kind of love. to never have to doubt his feelings for me or mine for him, to have complete and full trust in one another, to have his undying support in all that i do and to know that i am not going at this alone is an absolutely amazing feeling that has my heart so content.

despite the ups and downs of the last year… the stresses of running a business and wanting to provide for my family, long work days apart from one another, a painful miscarriage, major renovations that turned our daily lives upside down, tired and cranky days… there is not one single day, not one single moment that i was not grateful to have my husband by my side.

life isn’t always easy and lots of things can get thrown at us that challenge us and wear us out, but i wouldn’t trade a minute of this last year because despite everything that came our way that wasn’t so awesome, being married to my husband has made my heart so content in a way it has never been…in a way that i didn’t even think was possible… and in a way that feels amazing.  our daughter is going to be one lucky girl to have such an amazing father, and although it’ll be a couple months before we get to meet her, i just know her heart is already filled with content.

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    Laura - OMG!! First of all Happy Anniversary! Second, OMG you’re pregnant!! That is so exciting, Oh that baby is going to have the BEST photo album EVER!!
    I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! xoxo Laura
    I just wanna happy dance with you right now, but don’t want you to go into early labor ;)ReplyCancel

when sharon and joe had originally reached out to me about photographing their wedding at the hall of springs in saratoga springs, ny, i was unavailable for their date. i told them to check out my friend todd laffler, whom i’ve edited for for over 6 years now. they ended up booking todd, my schedule changed and i ended up being able to second shoot with todd that day.

life has been hectic lately and i don’t do much second shooting these days either and usually don’t have the time to blog the second shoots that i do shoot, but i thought it’d be fun to do a throwback to sharon and joe’s fall wedding. if you are new to my blog, you’ll realize i’m not one to follow all the rules of blogging. i don’t force myself to blog once a week or post yearly recaps. i just do what my heart feels like doing… and my heart felt like blogging this fall wedding to celebrate the beginning of spring!

sharon and joe got ready in a cool hotel (originally built to be condos), where joe and the guys were getting ready in the upstairs portion of the unit. i bounced back and forth a little bit…

sharon & joe | hall of springs

being a photographer allows you to be slightly creepy and take pictures through doors that are ajar… sharon joe hall of springs wedding02

sharon joe hall of springs wedding03

deliciously pink amsale bridesmaid dresses…. sharon joe hall of springs wedding04 sharon joe hall of springs wedding05

joe’s blue suede shoes… sharon joe hall of springs wedding06

i’ve never seen dudes so happy to be folding wedding programs… sharon joe hall of springs wedding07

i’ll admit, it’s probably a bit distracting to have someone taking pics of you while you try to tie a bow tie, but it always makes for great expressions…
sharon joe hall of springs wedding08 sharon joe hall of springs wedding09

i just like how the dads framed my shot… sharon joe hall of springs wedding10 sharon joe hall of springs wedding11 sharon joe hall of springs wedding12

ah, the warm, sunny days of fall… sharon joe hall of springs wedding13 sharon joe hall of springs wedding14 sharon joe hall of springs wedding15 sharon joe hall of springs wedding16 sharon joe hall of springs wedding17

todd photobombed my shot, but i think it works… sharon joe hall of springs wedding18

love this shot of sharon and joe’s moms… sharon joe hall of springs wedding19 sharon joe hall of springs wedding20 sharon joe hall of springs wedding21 sharon joe hall of springs wedding22

i love when the priest can make people laugh… sharon joe hall of springs wedding23 sharon joe hall of springs wedding24 sharon joe hall of springs wedding25 sharon joe hall of springs wedding26 sharon joe hall of springs wedding27

still making them laugh at the cocktail hour…
sharon joe hall of springs wedding48 sharon joe hall of springs wedding28 sharon joe hall of springs wedding29

ceremonial korean tea ceremony. one of the highlights is when the parents throw a mixture of dates and chestnuts for the bride and groom to catch in the bride’s skirt. the amount they catch symbolizes how many children they will have…. girls are represented by dates and boys are represented by chestnuts… sharon joe hall of springs wedding30

i can’t remember exactly what they ended up with because i’m usually deep in focus when something is being thrown at my camera, hah, but i think sharon’s dad is not giving the peace sign, but rather indicating something to do with how many children they will have… sharon joe hall of springs wedding31 sharon joe hall of springs wedding32 sharon joe hall of springs wedding33

time to carry your mother-in-law around on your back! sharon joe hall of springs wedding34

a little game of rock, paper, scissors… sharon joe hall of springs wedding35

wood-fired pizza….the way to my heart….
sharon joe hall of springs wedding36

this guy is all like, “yeah, we are dancing!” sharon joe hall of springs wedding37

and she’s all like, “Um, no we’re not, how long have you been trying to dance with me???”

it was like a flashback to my 20’s… sharon joe hall of springs wedding38 sharon joe hall of springs wedding39 sharon joe hall of springs wedding40

i’m not sure who won this round of ‘eat your whole hand’… it looks like todd got beat…. sharon joe hall of springs wedding41

hah! sharon joe hall of springs wedding42

the internet will never have enough cute pictures of dogs and cats… and cute grandparents… it just never will.  sharon joe hall of springs wedding43 sharon joe hall of springs wedding44

i’m pretty sure sharon’s brother is chest-bumping their mom… love the spirit! sharon joe hall of springs wedding47 sharon joe hall of springs wedding45

this just seems like the kind of shot you end a blog on! sharon joe hall of springs wedding46

when i meet with couples, i like to ask the how they met. it used to be to get ideas for myself, hah, but now that i’m married, i still enjoy the different stories of how people find one another. nureida and david are the first couple that i’ve shot that met at the mall. i love it. he was working as a security guard and she was working as a salesperson… david even took her back there to propose. so sweet. 
nureida and david suggested the ramapo reserve for their engagement session. even though it was the very end of fall, the preserve had some great spots with lots of color left… so i decided to post this entire blog in color!
love nureida and david’s coordinating fall colors….
i was too far away to know what was really going on here, but i liked this moment because it looks like he just proposed to her…
even in the areas where the leaves were sparse, there was an opportunity for a beautiful shot….
at one point during the shoot there was a boulder that was in my way. i had a hunch that david, being a personal trainer, would be able to move it with little effort. he lifted it like it was nothing and moved it for me, awesome. 
love the orange!
love the boots and the blue suede shoes….
while we were heading out and the light was just about gone, i thought it was worth a shot to take advantage of the calm waters and the reflecting colors…
a great time with nureida and david at the ramapo reserve….looking forward to their wedding this fall!

i first met with katie and james almost two years ago. it felt like a long time since we’d originally met until their wedding day, so it was great to finally get to their big day. i know they were excited and after all of that time, although their wedding day turned out to be a bit chilly and rainy, these two did not let the weather phase them. everything went as planned and they were all smiles all the way through, totally up for anything and not letting anything get them down. sometimes when couples plan a wedding so far in advance, i worry all that build-up may lead to them being more easily disappointed if something doesn’t go exactly as planned… but these two, absolute perfect attitude about all of it and i predict that leads to a long and happy marriage!

abstract take on the veil…
i’m assuming james gave katie the ‘will you be my girlfriend?’ note (so cute), otherwise katie has some explaining to do!
although most of the images on this blog are of katie beaming ear to ear, i loved this portrait of her with a more subtle expression….
smiling ear to ear….
james sees katie for the first time…
so happy!
are seeing a theme here?

a bride that is all smiles needs a groom that is all smiles. love this moment from katie and james’ ring exchange…
we headed to the boardwalk in asbury park to take some pictures. everyone was in great spirits despite the chilly weather and rain….
i have a disclaimer…. i never ask a bridal party to jump. it is only upon request. but i always admit that when they do make the request, i always make them jump a bunch of times for my own entertainment, hahaha….
the rain let up for just a few minutes which gave us a chance to grab a few pictures on the beach…
so cute!
you can’t get this shot in the sunshine!
love it!
this season i shot in asbury park a lot, through sun and rain, warm and cold, morning and afternoon light. i took this shot quickly since the weather was chilly and we’d been shooting for awhile already. while i was in pants and bundled up in a north face fleece, i was still cold. meanwhile, katie was completely fine, hah! i kept checking in with her, but nothing could phase her. what a trooper! 
katie and james had their reception at the eagle ridge golf club in lakewood, nj…
katie’s maid’s-of-honor look on as katie and james share their first dance…
love the synchronized ‘don’t mess up the make-up tear-wipe’….
james and his new mother-in-law watch on as katie dances with her dad…
party time! love the intensity in this shot!
such a sweet moment between katie and her grandfather who got up to dance with katie for a few minutes on her wedding day…
katie’s dad and grandmother. i think we can see that grandma may be responsible for the smiling genes….

such a great day with katie and james.. their smiles and happy attitude made the not-so-lovely weather a fun time! so happy for these two and their well-deserved honeymoon in the warmth and sunshine! thanks to brian leong for assisting.

when i got an email one month before laura and mike’s wedding asking if i was available, i thought they had the date wrong until i read on. ‘love strikes and we move quick’… this had me intrigued. a sunday morning intimate wedding in asbury park with a couple that is so in love they didn’t want to wait another year to get married sounded like a great time to me. having a wedding to attend that friday and a wedding to shoot that saturday, i knew this would make for a weekend with little sleep, but i loved what mike had to say when he reached out to me and when we met up, i just knew shooting laura and mike’s wedding would be a great time. their chemistry is undeniable. 

when we first chatted about laura and mike’s timeline, we toyed with the idea of everyone getting ready at a hotel in asbury park to save the travel time from their home since we would be starting very early in the morning.  in the end, they decided to get ready at their own house and in the end, i really enjoyed this. when i showed up at 7am, everyone was awake and in good spirits. it was fun to move around their house where they live their daily lives capturing things as they unfolded…. here mike is working on something for the wedding while laura and her mom are getting hair and make up done…
laura and mike each have two sons. four boys all around the same age getting ready at 7 in the morning…. i have to say it went pretty smoothly!
these are the kinds of shots i love. a grandfather helping out his grandson. while posed images have their place in this world, this is the kind of image that really shows you the love…
and a little help from grandma…
i have to say when laura and mike told me the ages of their boys, i figured we’d do the best we could with that age. but these guys were all total naturals. i’m going to guess it’s the first time they’ve ever been photographed putting socks on, hah, but they just went with it!
good dog…
bad dog…
we did a first look right in laura and mike’ bedroom. love laura’s reaction right after she saw mike…
and for my next car… a rolls royce phantom. i just have to save about a 1/2 mill more and it’ll be mine. the perks of being a wedding photographer— you get to ride in some sweet vehicles. this thing is smooooooth!
so cute…
we spent a little time on the asbury park boardwalk. it was a bright and sunny morning, but it all worked out great!

when i first met with laura and mike, i knew they’d be naturals behind the camera…
yes, the sky really was that blue….
love this shot of laura, mike and the boys walking through the casino…
these are my kind of family photos. i love the chaos!

typical teen reaction to your mom embarrassing you, love it!
chillin’ by the phantom….
laura and mike had a quick, but very sweet ceremony. i love that they incorporated each of the boys into the sand ceremony….
love this family hug right after laura and mike tied the knot…
 i have witnessed young men become emotional during their parent’s wedding ceremonies more than a few times now.  it really warms my heart…
laura and mike had their reception at brando’s citi cucina in asbury park. a yummy italian restaurant with a lovely ambiance… the plan for the afternoon was to eat, drink and be merry…
hahaha… love it!
if i’m willing to get only 4 hours of sleep between shooting weddings, you know it’s because the couple is magical…
laura dances with each of the boys!

i had such a great time photographing laura and mike’s wedding. it turns out my schedule had been kinda crazy and i’d turned away a couple jobs for this very date over the previous year, but when these two came along, i knew i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with them and their boys. thanks to everyone for making the day so fun to capture and thank you to my assistant brian leong for helping me with not one, but two weddings in one weekend….